College Student Falls to Death During Off-Campus Party

Police say the victim was at a party at an off-campus house during Temple University's Spring Fling on the 1900 block of North 18th Street.

A college student died after falling three stories from the roof of a North Philadelphia row house during a party celebrating Temple's spring festival.

Police say the victim, identified as Ali Fausnaught, 19, was at a party at an off-campus house on the 1900 block of North 18th Street during Temple University's Spring Fling event. The party-goers gained access to the house by climbing a movable ladder from the second floor up to a hatch on the third floor, according to investigators.

Fausnaught, of Brownstown, Pa. (Lancaster County) was once a student at West Chester University who then transferred to the University of South Carolina. She was visiting her boyfriend, who attends Temple University.

During the party, she was on top of the roof with 30 to 40 other people.

"They were on the roof having a party," said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small. "We know there was alcohol involved but we're not sure if the 19-year-old female drank any alcohol."

Police say the rooftop did not have guard rail protection.

According to investigators, Fausnaught tripped over a 10-inch high ledge and fell about 40 feet, landing in an alley near the back of the property. She was taken to Temple University Hospital around 5 p.m. where she was pronounced dead less than an hour later. Police say the incident was an accident and there was no foul play.

Spring Fling is an annual event at Temple University that features numerous events, music and parties. While investigating this incident, police say they spotted several students partying on rooftops in the area.

“Upon police arrival, not only did they find many individuals on the roof where the female fell but also on the block and adjoining blocks to the north and west there were other parties happening on rooftops," said Small. "There were several young adults on the roofs, partying, and drinking alcohol. These roofs were intended to be roofs. They were not transformed to any type of deck. There were no rugs, carpeting, couches or chairs. The roof was just a roof. But for some reason these young adults decided to party and drink alcohol there."

Small says around eight people who were on the roof when Fausnaught fell were taken to Central Detectives where they were interviewed by police.

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