School Opens Late Due to Plumbing Problem

Students at Chester High School get a few more hours before it's time to hit the books after two days off. The Chester Upland School District announced Chester High School is opening two hours late Monday morning. The school has heat, but a problem with the plumbing still needs attention.

"My kids won't be attending and I will be requesting they get an accused absence," said parent Nifate Williams. "We need a new system and they know it. They keep blaming it on the pipes."

Teens were sent home early from school on Thursday due to issues with the school's heating system. Chester High School was dismissed around 10:30 a.m. Thursday after parts of the school were left without heat, the school's principal told NBC10.

Sub-freezing temperatures, hovering in the single digits, were felt across the area Thursday into Friday as the latest arctic blast hits the area -- making the lack of heat a dangerous issue. There have been four confirmed cold weather deaths over the past two days.

The school is investigating the cause of the issue, but officials believe it is centered around a problem with pipes.

The students were dismissed after being given an early lunch Thursday. The principal said officials wanted to make sure the teens ate.

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