Hundreds March in Center City on 5th Day of Anti-Trump Protests

For the fifth straight day, hundreds of people are marching through Center City to protest Donald Trump’s presidential win.

It is the fifth straight day of protests around the country since Donald Trump won the presidential election. NBC10’s Drew Smith spoke to demonstrators at a protest here in Philadelphia and he is in Center City where another protest is planned for Sunday night.

The protesters gathered at Thomas Paine Plaza on 1401 JFK Boulevard around 3 p.m. Sunday and began marching towards Independence Hall. The group then returned to Thomas Payne Plaza to hear from various speakers.

“This protest is not focused a single person or issue, its represents all those that feel marginalized or threatened by a Trump presidency,” organizers wrote. “It stands in solidarity with many groups: people of color, women, trans people, immigrants and those who feel as though their voices are not being heard. It is our duty as Americans to exercise our constitutional right to peaceably assemble and and bring light to our grievances.”

Protests in cities nationwide, including Philadelphia, have occurred since the election. So far all of the anti-Trump protests in Philly have been peaceful.

“An important point to note that this protest in no way supports or encourages violence or the vandalization of property,” organizers for Sunday’s protest wrote. “We must recognize that although the 1st Amendment provides with the right to assemble, we must do so in a peaceful way so we can lay the foundation to continue peaceful demonstrations into the future.”

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