Bringing Laura Home

Anomyous donor pays for disabled NJ woman's medical air transport

A New Jersey woman who became trapped at a German hospital after receiving controversial pain treatment is coming home and it’s all thanks to a stranger.

Laura Beckett from Magnolia, NJ developed a MRSA infection during an experimental treatment to cure RSD in Germany.

The infection left Beckett unable to talk, walk or breathe on her own. She has been forced to stay in the German hospital because her family was unable to afford the $71,000 bill for a medical air ambulance.

Now a local man has stepped in to pay for the transport after hearing the Beckett’s plea on NBCPhiladelphia. The man said he would like to remain anonymous.

A medical team will be leaving the U.S. Monday afternoon to bring Laura home.

Donations have been pouring in since Laura’s story aired. The family says it intends to give whatever money has been collected to the donor.

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