Mayor Pulling the Plug on Red Light Cams

The cameras in Brick Township have led to more than 83,000 tickets and generated more than $2 million in revenue since the program began in 2010.

The Asbury Park Press reports Mayor John Ducey is convinced the program is more about money than safety.

The township will end the red light cameras at three intersections when its contract with American Traffic Solutions ends on Feb. 18.

Brick is one of 25 towns in New Jersey that is participating in the state's five-year red light camera pilot program. It's set to expire in 2015 unless the Legislature renews it.

Proponents say the cameras promote safe driving. But opponents say the cameras are nothing more than new revenue streams for towns looking to close holes in municipal budgets.

“When I was running for mayor, one of the most frequent sources of frustrations of the people I spoke to was the red-light cameras. I promised to review our red-light camera program and remove them if that review didn’t convince me that they were making our roads safer,” Ducey told the paper. “I have kept that promise. After conducting that review, I am not convinced that the benefit is safety and not revenue.”

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