Pa. State Police Stop Breathalyzer Tests, for Now

Troopers will use blood tests instead when they pull over suspected DUI drivers

Anyone pulled over by a Pennsylvania State Trooper for suspected DUI won’t be subjected to a Breathalyzer test -- at least for now.

The Pennsylvania State Police temporarily suspended using Breathalyzer tests when they pull over suspected DUI drivers on roadways they cover like I-95 and the Schuylkill Expressway.

The decision came after a ruling closer to Harrisburg, where a judge threw out a DUI charge after voicing concerns about the accuracy of the Breathalyzer test used widely in Pennsylvania.

In the meantime, State Police decided to only use blood tests that can detect both drugs and alcohol in the system.

Police say you are required under Pennsylvania law to give a breath or blood test if you're arrested for DUI. If you refuse, and you're found guilty, you could face the highest sanctions.

This isn’t the end of breath tests in Pa. Local police can still use Breathalyzer tests for suspected DUIs.

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