Boy Dies After Being Sent Back to Parents: Sources

Khalil Wimes was one of several siblings removed from the care of their mother, according to sources close to the investigation

The parents of a six-year-old South Philadelphia boy are charged with their son's murder. The Medical Examiner says the little boy, who weighed only 29 pounds, died of blunt force trauma and malnutrition.

"He suffered from malnutrition because nobody's feeding him," said Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey. "I mean like any six-year-old child, you're depending upon your parents to take care of you. Or some other adult."

Sources close to the investigation say the victim, who they identify as Khalil Wimes, was one of six children removed from the care of their mother, Tina Wimes, over the years because of problems in the home. Khalil was placed in foster care two years ago, but placed back in the custody of his parents after his foster mother lost the right to adopt him in a court battle, according to sources. Before his death, Khalil lived with his parents and his 3-year-old sister in the second floor of a South Philadelphia apartment.

Police say Khalil was brought to the hospital Monday night, where he was pronounced dead. Investigators say he weighed less than 30 pounds and had bruising all over his body. Sources say at least one parent told police Khalil slipped in a tub. But investigators say the little boy's injuries were not consistent with a fall.

"I saw photographs of the body, and clearly signs of abuse," said Commissioner Ramsey.

Khalil's parents, Tina, 44, and Floyd Wimes, 48, are charged with murder and related offenses.

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