New Jersey

Baby Blue Penguin Chick 1st Born at New Jersey's Adventure Aquarium

A baby blue penguin has been born at an aquarium in New Jersey.

Officials with Adventure Aquarium in Camden announced Monday that the first chick to be spawned from its little blue penguin colony hatched last month.

The aquarium says the chick was born inside a nesting box on Dec. 3 under the watchful eye of staff members. [[410238595, C]]

Early gender tests have shown that the chick is female. A blood test will confirm the penguin's sex.

The progeny of Sheila and Goose has grown from 1.23 ounces to more than 2 pounds. That's about the same size as many of the adult penguins in the colony, which now consists of nine birds — three females and six males.

Native to Australia and New Zealand, little blue penguins are the world's smallest penguin species. [[26343834, C]]

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