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Black Bear Spotted Snacking Out of Quakertown Bird Feeder

A curious black bear was spotted snacking on seed from a Quakertown resident's bird feeder on Thursday, according to NBC10 viewer Darrin Trocine.

Officials in the Bucks County town confirmed the bear was spotted in a yard on Whittier Court, a residential cal-de-sac on Thursday.

Trocine said he was alerted to the bear's presence by a police officer on his street. "...being that this has never happened in all the years I lived back here of course I wanted to see the bear and I walked back in my yard and he was eating out of my neighbors bird feeder," he told NBC10.

"The bear just looked like he was lost he was very calm he laid down here and there and walked back and forth a little until he walked out through my other neighbor's yard," Trocine said there has never been a bear in his development that he's know about.

Officials said the bear wandered away and was not captured.

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