Big Snow Wednesday? Looks Unlikely

The storm we've been talking about for more than a week is still on track for the Wednesday/Thursday period, but there have been some small changes since a few days ago.

First, the storm seems to be moving quicker, meaning the precipitation should begin earlier.

We could see something falling even in the morning on Wednesday, with the peak of the storm being later in the day and at night. But, what type of precipitation will fall?

Since it's starting earlier, there is a little better chance that it will start as snow in the Philadelphia area. It's still not a sure bet, since the atmosphere will be warming up quickly during the day Wednesday as the storm tracks to our north -- the wrong track for snow lovers.

So, most of the storm will be rain. But, especially north and west, there may be some accumulation of snow before the changeover.

But, it's shaping up as yet another disappointing storm for snow lovers.

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