Be a 10 in 10 Weeks: Week Ten

10 weeks, four people and one kick-your-butt boot camp

As the sun slowly rose over the Philadelphia Museum of Art, grunts, groans and sighs could be heard coming from the east side of the massive structure. The sounds were coming from our four boot campers as they pushed through their final workout of the Be a 10 in 10 Weeks fitness challenge.

Working them hard until the end, master trainer Gavin McKay showed no sympathy as the group ran up and down, up and down, up -- and down the limestone steps. They're following in the footsteps of Philly's most famous resident -- who never actually existed -- Rocky Balboa.

"This should be fun" lamented Hughe Dillon as he began to climb the 72 stairs at the front of the museum. The blogger and photographer has had a bumpy ride throughout the challenge -- taking huge strides forward some weeks, but big steps back others. His goal of dropping 50 lbs. will not be reached by the end of the competition, but he's lost more weight than any other camper. At this week's weigh-in, he did gain a pound, but hopefully this workout will reverse that trend and help him finish strong.

PR exec Megan Smith wished she "stayed in bed" as she progressed through the Rocky routine. Like Hughe, Megan has been on a scale roller coaster ride. After plateauing last week, she pulled through, dropping another two pounds to 176 lbs. Don't let her unhappy demeanor fool you, though. She pushed on hard and even gave Gavin a little tongue lashing when he offered some encouragement.  Now she's got one week left to lose 11 lbs. Can she do it?

Model Joe Matthews offered his own opinion about the steps on which Rocky trained: "Ugh, these steps are horrible...they always seem to get me." Joe's goal was to lose a few pounds and tone up as he tried to get back into modeling. He accomplished that goal a few weeks ago, landing a modeling contract with a major sportswear company, but he's still working hard to maintain his shape. Joe gained an additional pound this week leaving him at 182 lbs.

The tough routine didn't seem to bother Nicole Michalik. She was just as upbeat and bubbly as ever yelling "my glutes are burnin' Gavin" as they progressed through the workout. The Q102 DJ and former Biggest Loser made big gains towards her goal in the beginning of the challenge, but the losses have slowed to a trickle as we near the end. She dropped a half-pound this week bringing her total loss to 9 lbs. That's 11 lbs. away from her goal.

Will the final week of workouts put the boot campers within reach or put them in their place? Find out next week as we see the final weigh-in results.

Weight Loss Cheat Sheet

Hughe - Starting Stats - Weight: 297 lbs. | Waist: 57.5 in. | Body Fat: 40 percent
Week One: 292 lbs. | Week Two: 290 lbs. | Week Three: 287 lbs. | Week Four: 292 lbs. | Week Five: 288.5 lbs.
Week Six: 286 lbs. | Week Seven: 285 lbs. | Week Eight: 283 lbs. | Week Nine: 284 lbs. | Total Loss: 13 lbs.

Midpoint Stats - Waist: 56.5 in. | Body Fat: 39.2 percent

Megan - Starting Stats - Weight: 185 lbs. | Waist: 37 in. | Body Fat: 31.5 percent
Week One: 183.5 lbs. | Week Two: 181.5 lbs. | Week Three: 179.5 | Week Four: 182 | Week Five: 179 lbs.
Week Six: 177 lbs. | Week Seven: 178 lbs. | Week Eight: 178 lbs. | Week Nine: 176 lbs. | Total Loss: 9 lbs.

Midpoint Stats - Waist: 36.25 in. | Body Fat: 30.7 percent

Nicole - Starting Stats - Weight: 192 lbs. | Waist: 39.75 in. | Body Fat: 35.2 percent
Week One: 186 lbs. | Week Two: 186 lbs. | Week Three: 182.5 | Week Four: Not Recorded | Week Five: 184.25 lbs.
Week Six: 184 lbs. | Week Seven: 181.5 lbs. | Week Eight: 183 lbs. | Week Nine: 182.5 lbs. | Total Loss: 9 lbs.

Midpoint Stats - Waist: 38.75 in. | Body Fat: 34.4 percent

Joe - Starting Stats - Weight: 185 lbs. | Waist: 34.75 in. | Body Fat: 14.2 percent
Week One: 182 lbs. | Week Two: 179 lbs. | Week Three: 178 lbs. | Week Four: 178 lbs. | Week Five: 179 lbs.
Week Six: 179 lbs. | Week Seven: 181 lbs. | Week Eight: 181 lbs. | Week Nine: 182 lbs. | Total Loss: 3 lbs.

Midpoint Stats - Waist: 32.75 in. | Body Fat: 13.4 percent

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