Bandits Try to Rip-Off SAME Store Twice in SAME Day

It was a rough day for Russell Hill and Albert Crumb (their mug shots say it all) who, in the same day, according to police, made two unsuccessful attempts at robbing the SAME, yes the exact same, Citgo Station. Then, after fleeing the scene for the second time, trotted right on over to a store directly across the street and tried ripping them off too, according to police .

Okay let’s break this down.

Unsuccessful attempt # 1: Two bandits tried to snatch windshield wiper fluid from a Citgo Station on DuPont Highway in New Castle, Delaware Tuesday evening. They fled the scene after the store clerk confronted them.

Unsuccessful attempt # 2: The  same two bandits returned to the same Citgo Station. This time, they have their "bad guy" act figured out. They're sporting ski-masks and using the ol’ “finger pointing in the pocket” stunt, pretending to have a gun, according to police. The store clerk called 911 and, again, they fled the scene.

Unsuccessful attempt # 3: The ‘smart’ scoundrels ran directly across the street from the Citgo Station and  police say they ripped off Shooters, a hunting and fishing supply store. Meanwhile, police were at the Citgo Station responding to the clerk’s call when the alarm went off at Shooters. Talk about timing. Police say they saw the men trying to, once again, flee the scene.

Sorry, Hill and Crumb, the third time was not the charm here for you two (if you did what police say you did.) Karma is more like it.

Police say Hill and Crumb had quite the temper tantrum when officers went after them. Both men allegedly put up a fight. Police say Hill even spat in one of the officer’s face and damaged ($2,000 worth) a patrol car.

Police say they  found three stolen handguns in Hill’s pocket, which were linked back to Shooters. Police say they also found a ski mask in the pocket of both men.

Russell Hill, 45 and Albert Crumb, 46, of New Castle will be charged with Aggravated Menacing (felony), Wearing a Disguise during the Commission of a Felony (felony), three counts of Theft of a Firearm (felony), Criminal Mischief (felony), Resisting arrest (felony), three counts of Conspiracy (felony), Offensive Touching of a Law Enforcement Officer (misdemeanor) and Attempted Shoplifting (misdemeanor).

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