Bam's “Jackass” Bar Led to Beating

Bam Magera's "Jackass" personality and noise outside his neighborhood bar may be what set off the woman accused of giving him a bloody beating.

Elizabeth Ray, known as "Ms. Liz" to some neighbors, is 59 and lives with her mother behind Bam's West Chester bar, The Note, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ray's accused of beating Bam over the head with either a bat or pipe outside the bar early Saturday morning and apparently it's not the first time she's had a run-in with Margera. Here's how Bam's mom characterizes the relationship in the Inky article:

April Margera said Ray had had past run-ins with her son and had even punched him in the face about a year and a half ago. Why wouldn't that show up on Ray's record, which includes convictions for assault, robbery, and disorderly conduct? "He didn't want to press charges," April Margera said.

She said she believed her son and his co-owner had given Ray money in the past in an effort to appease her.

 A guy who witnessed Saturday's attack said Ray has complained repeatedly about the noise that moves outside the bar after it closes. And he says Margera hurled racial epithets at Ms. Liz before things got physical.

When Bam was left bleeding in the street, he yelled "Why did you hit me, you crazy b****?. . .I pay for your rent," according to the police complaint.

"All I'll say is, my mother has owned this house for 60 years and she will not be disturbed," said Ray, who's charged with aggravated assault and related offenses.

Margera, 30, was hospitalized for a severe concussion, and spent most of Saturday in intensive care according to his mom. But he's back in Hollywood (with a note from the doctor) rewriting the ending to his next movie, Jackass 3-D.

"I begged him not to go," his mom told the Inquirer, "But I understand that millions of dollars were at stake."

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