The Ballot Questions That Could Confuse Philadelphia Voters

Questions about sexual harassment training, who has the final say on the new city school board and how much money should be dedicated to police oversight are being considered by Philadelphia voters during Tuesday’s primary election.

The questions would all enact changes to Philadelphia’s charter:

Ballot Question 1: Police Advisory Commission

Shall The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to require an appropriation in each annual operating budget of $500,000, or such greater amount as Council decides, to the Police Advisory Commission or any successor body or bodies?

This measure would increase the operating budget of the Police Advisory Commission by $100,000 more than is currently budgeted. The PAC is a civilian panel tasked with investigating police misconduct, nonpartisan advocacy group Committee of Seventy said. The commission has subpoena power but can’t enforce its rulings.

Ballot Question 2: School Board Control

Shall the Educational Supplement to the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to restore local control by confirming the Board of Education’s independent responsibility to administer the School District of Philadelphia, providing for public participation in the Educational Nominating Panel process, revising eligibility requirements, requiring City Council confirmation of School Board appointments, requiring a stated reason for removing a School Board Member and establishing a Parent and Community Advisory Council?

The school board is already returning to local control after the state-run School Reform Commission disbands this summer, so the first part of the question is moot.

The current charter allows the mayor to appoint members to the new school board. Should the new measure pass, council would gain control in appointments and the mayor would have a tougher time yanking people from the board, WHYY reported.

Ballot Question 3: Sexual Harassment Training

Shall the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter be amended to provide for mandatory training for all City officers and employees regarding sexual harassment in the workplace?

Right now, sexual harassment training is not mandatory for all city employees. This measure would require all city officers and employees to complete such training at least once every three years.

One of the ballot questions in front of Philadelphia voters Tuesday is about mandatory sexual harassment training for city employees.
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