Investigation Begins into Rejected A.C. Voters

Officials want to know if fraud was at play on Election Day in Atlantic City, N.J.
The state attorney general's office launched an investigation into why about 330 A.C. messenger ballot applications were rejected before Tuesday’s elections.
Investigators from the A.G.'s office subpoenaed County Clerk Ed McGettigan, elections superintendent John Mooney and the entire board of elections.
“I personally think it’s long overdue,” said Mooney on Wednesday. “I’m glad they’re doing it,” he said.
Investigators ordered McGettigan and his elections officer, John Piatt, to discuss the procedures for absentee and messenger ballots. 
Mayor Lorenzo Langford's office hired private investigators to interview residents who voted by messenger ballot and suspected fraud from those who handled the ballots.
As a result, the majority of ballots were friends or relative of the former City Council President Craig Callaway who lost to Langford.
Langford’s campaign officials intend to forward their findings voluntarily to the attorney general’s office within the next few days.
“Whatever we can do to assist them, we will,” said Langford’s attorney, Jonathan Diego.
The four members of the board of elections will appear before a grand jury on June 10.

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