Delaware County

‘Are You Missing a Leg?’: Police Try to Find Prosthetic’s Owner

"Please contact us if you are missing your leg"

missing leg aston township 07182019
Aston Township Police Department

It's not unusual for police departments to put out calls for missing people, but it's definitely eyebrow-raising when they put out a call for missing limbs.

In Delaware County, the Aston Township Police Department is trying to reunite a prosthetic leg with its rightful owner. Someone found the orphaned leg outside their home on July 9 and turned it in to the department, but officers have thus far had no luck finding the person to whom it belongs.

"Are you missing a leg?" the department asked in a Facebook post Wednesday night. "Please contact us if you are missing your leg."

The person who wants to come forward and claim his or her prosthetic leg can contact the ATPD at 610-497-2633.

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