Tips, Apps to Get You Through Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving week is upon us, and with travel (be it near or far), Black Friday shopping and a long weekend ahead it can be overwhelming.

But we've broken it down by sharing a few links to help get you where you're going, tips on what to do once you're there, and some apps to use along the way.

Start by checking our NBC10 Traffic map before you head out the door.  Check out SEPTA for special weekend schedules and fare information. And for the best gas prices check out Gas Buddy.

And if you plan on braving the crowds for those great Black Friday Deals, here is your guide to Black Friday Deals and Steals.

We've found a set of great, FREE apps that can help you save money and your sanity this Thanksgiving weekend. So before you start shopping, download our Top 4:

Avoid Traffic Jams: WAZE

It's not your typical GPS navigation app.
Waze pings other app users to get you real-time conditions. It also offers turn-by-turn navigation that will re-route you as jams occur.

Best Gas Prices: Gas Buddy

Save some cash when you're filling up for your weekend travel with Gas Buddy. This app will tell you gas prices for stations near you or near wherever you are headed. If you see a deal, you can share the updated price through the app.

Find Places: AroundMe

Traveling to a place you may never have before? AroundMe will use GPS to locate restaurants, pharmacies, banks and more near you. It also has menus, phone numbers and foursquare tips.

Live Music: Pandora

Like Christmas music or not, Pandora lets you listen to the type of music you want, and may introduce you to something new. They're streaming for free and you can listen to your customized Internet radio station, too, even if it's a combination of Nine Inch Nails, Christmas jingles and Kelly Clarkson (try it out).

And you can help make the holidays even more special for local kids by giving to NBC10's and B101's Stockings for Kids campaign.
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