‘American Ninja Warrior' Obstacle Course Returning to Philadelphia

'America Ninja Warrior' will film in Philly in May 2018

NBC's obstacle course competition "American Ninja Warrior" is returning to Philadelphia next year and they are looking for some ninjas to try their luck at the course.

Athletes in 2018 will compete again on a ANW course built outside the old Richmond Power Plant along the Delaware River where ninjas ran in 2016.

Here’s a refresher on what the previous course looked like thanks to our own Keith Jones who took on the challenge.

American Ninja Warrior is in Philadelphia this week. Ahead of the competition, NBC10’s Keith Jones tried to complete an ANW course. Find out how he did.

The city qualifying and finals rounds will be held in May, according to the production team. They will later air on television for season 10.

Potential ninjas looking to compete on the hit NBC show for a chance to try and eventually conquer Mount Midoriyama have until Jan. 2 to submit an application.

As May approaches, check back with On Camera Audiences for information on how you can watch the competition in person.

Ninjas are in training to return to Philadelphia in 2018! Former contestant Najee Richardson was in our area on Thursday to make the holidays a little brighter for abused and neglected children.
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