Crash Closes Road to Airport

One of the major thoroughfares to Philadelphia International Airport was closed this morning due to a one-car wreck in South Philly.

All lanes on eastbound 26th Street, which connects the Schuylkill Expressway with the Platt Bridge, was closed around 5 a.m. Thursday due to an overturned vehicle.

The crash didn't cause backups on I-76 since police blocked the exit to 26th Street. It did however leave dozens of cars caught behind the closure for about an hour.

A little before 6 a.m. crews had the overturned black SUV upright again but the closure remained for a few more minutes as a tow truck prepared to move the SUV away.

There was no word on any injuries.

Some routes aorund the wreck include using I-95 to get to the airport or accessing the Platt Bridge from Passyunk  Avenue instead.

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