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After 16 Years, Man Admits to Killing Bucks County Father Who Vanished

Adam Brundage went missing in 2004. This month, his former roommate admitted to beating him in the head with a baseball bat and burying his body at a Bucks County quarry

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What to Know

  • Adam Brundage, a 26-year-old father of two children, went missing in Oct. 2004. Family and his employer described his disappearance as uncharacteristic.
  • Daman Andrew Smoot, Brundage's roommate, was eyed as a suspect in the case, but authorities were unable to uncover enough evidence to link him to the man's vanishing.
  • In January 2020, Smoot admitted to killing Brundage after an argument at a Bucks County quarry. He led authorities to Brundage's body at that quarry.

A young father from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, who vanished 16 years ago was murdered by a man who authorities say took over his life.

Adam Brundage went missing in October 2004. Quakertown police investigated his disappearance through November of that year before exhausting leads and eventually closing the case.

In April 2019, authorities reopened the investigation and found evidence tying his former roommate Daman Andrew Smoot to the case. Prosecutors presented Smoot and his attorney with evidence on Jan. 9, 2020. Smoot confessed to beating and suffocating Brundage following an argument at a quarry.

Smoot, 36, pleaded guilty to third degree murder, which carries a sentence of 20 to 40 years in prison.

"Damon Smoot was jealous of Adam Brundage who had come into a small, but sizable inheritance and in his jealousy, he wanted to become him. He wanted the things that Adam had access to so he killed him," Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub said during a news conference on Tuesday.

Damon Smoot is led off to jail on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020.

He was already serving prison time on an assault charge when he made the confession, prosecutors said.

Quakertown police began investigating Brundage's disappearance after the 26-year-old's ex-girlfriend contacted them to say he was missing. The couple had two young children together, and she explained that while Brundage was a recluse that losing contact with him was uncharacteristic behavior.

She also told authorities that Smoot was at Brundage's home on Glen Meadow Court when she stopped by to find him. Smoot had moved in a few weeks before. Smoot told the woman that Brundage was out-of-state, court documents said.

Adam Brundage
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Adam Brundage in an undated photo

Over a series of conversations with Brundage's family in Iowa and local police, Smoot gave a series of explanations for the man's disappearance. They included stories about Brundage having cancer, being in a drug rehab and not wanting to pay child support, court documents show.

Smoot told Brundage's family that the man had gifted him the home and his 1997 maroon Mercury Cougar, which was described as a "prized possession" of Brundage's.

When authorities reopened the case, there was no employment or financial activity tied to Brundage since he went missing.

In his confession, Smoot told prosecutors that he killed Brundage on Oct. 4, 2004. The two met at Haines and Kibblehouse Quarry in Chalfont so Brundage could buy sand to fix a grading issue at his property.

Haines and Kibblehouse Quarry
The Haines and Kibblehouse Quarry along Skunk Hollow Road in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. Daman Smoot confessed to killing Adam Brundage here in October 2004 and burying his body in a berm there.

The men got into a verbal argument. Smoot said he took a baseball bat from his truck and hit Brundage in the back of the head, court documents said. Smoot said he used so much force that Brundage's skull "caved." The injury didn't kill Brundage, Smoot said, so he covered the man's face and nose until he died.

Smoot buried Brundage's body in a berm in the quarry, court documents said. He worked there as a heavy equipment operator. After confessing, he led authorities to the burial site, where they recovered Brundage's remains.

Smoot said nothing on Tuesday as he was led to jail by authorities. His court-appointed attorney, Keith Williams, said Smoot is remorseful for the killing.

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