Adults-Only Tour Shows Racy History of Battleship

For one night only, guides aboard the U.S.S. New Jersey are taking visitors a different kind of tour

Visitors got a first-of-its kind tour aboard the U.S.S. New Jersey on the Camden waterfront tonight.

The "Twilight Tour" promised to show a more "adult" side of the battleship, well-known for school tours and scouting trips.

"You can see it was steamy down here in more ways than one," Jason Hall, of the Battleship N.J. told NBC10's Deanna Durante during a preview tour this afternoon.

The adults-only tour is giving visitors a look at some risque "sailor art," appearing on hallways and rooms never opened to the public before tonight.

"There were women brought on board, during at least the Vietnam War, and that's one of the stories tonight of how they got her onboard, what she did while she was here and how she was caught," said Hall.

The battleship is hoping to attract different visitors to the ship. The "Twilight Tour" is a one-time experiment, but if there is enough interest, it may become a regular tour.

"It's a 900 foot steel ship that 70 plus years old, so as you can imagine there's a lot of maintenance and preservation work that's involved and that costs money," said Jack Willard, of the U.S.S. New Jersey.

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