Eastern State Hosts a Wedding

On Saturday, two people will redefine the phrase “prison wedding.”

Local women Lori Hobart and her husband-to-be Kevin will exchange “I do’s” inside the walls of the notorious Eastern State Penitentiary. Hobart, a ten-year volunteer the Halloween fundraiser “Terror Behind the Walls,” received special permission to exchange vows at the prison, KYW1060 reported.

Hobart will wed her Vermont State Trooper beau in the center rotunda.

“We are going to get married in the center. If you ever been in the space, when you stand in the center you can see down all the cell blocks so we will be in the very middle of the room and all of our guest will be around us,” Hobart said.

The once home of Willie Sutton and Al Capone, Eastern State usually isn’t the first place people think of to host a wedding, but for Hobart, it's the only place.

“I find it to be very peacefully in there and very calming. And with as many guests as we will be having, I felt it would be very memorable for them as well.”

And despite what you’re probably thinking, no prison costumes will be worn.

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