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Philadelphia Police Officer Helping Girls Carry Laundry Goes Viral

22nd District Philadelphia Police Officer Sammy Brinson places a basket of laundry into the back of his police SUV. (Published Thursday, June 18, 2015)

It seems every time a smartphone video of a police officer goes viral, it shows brutality or questionable actions by the officer.

But as the video Bernice Daniels recorded Wednesday shows, "all cops are not mean and nasty."

Daniels was waiting at a stoplight at 21st and Diamond in North Philadelphia Wednesday when she saw a Philadelphia Police officer pull his SUV over to help two girls as they struggled to carry baskets overflowing with clothes down the street.

The woman hit record on her smartphone and began narrating as the officer -- 22nd District patrolman Sammy Brinson -- swiftly put the laundry baskets and bags into the back of his marked Ford Explorer. He then drove the clothes to the laundromat a block away with the girls in tow on the sidewalk.

Viral Video Shows Philly Cop Helping Kids

[PHI] Viral Video Shows Philly Cop Helping Kids
A cop saw a group of North Philadelphia kids struggling with bags of laundry, so he pulled over and gave them a ride to the laundromat.
(Published Friday, June 19, 2015)

"That was so nice. Oh my gosh, that was a blessing," Daniels says. "That was good deed."

Daniels tells NBC10 she felt "very emotional" seeing the kind act. "I was truly honored to have been able to experience his good deed while being in the presence of my children," she said.

After Daniels posted the video to Facebook, it quickly gained traction earning nearly 200,000 views and more than 5,000 shares. Philadelphia Police was one of sharers adding that Brinson was "doing what he does best — being a genuinely awesome guy."