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Phanatic Sued for Alleged Misstep

Woman claims Phillies mascot stepped on her legs, caused major injury



    Phanatic Sued for Alleged Misstep
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    The Phanatic holds his head in hand as he gets ready for yet another lawsuit.

    Yes, it’s true. Someone else wants a piece of the Phanatic.  

    Seventy-five-year-old Grace Crass of Wernersville, Pa. is suing the Phanatic as well as the Phillies and Reading Phillies organizations, reported the Daily News, making the mascot the most sued in Major League Baseball.

    Crass claims that Tom Burgoyne, the man behind the green fur, stepped on her legs in the stands at a Reading Phillies Game back in 2008. The incident then triggered her arthritis that eventually led to knee replacements.

    The plaintiff’s attorney John Speicher told the Daily News that people are comparing the incident to, “suing Santa Claus.”

    Crass wants $50,000 in damages and has filed her suit with the Philly Civil Court as opposed to Reading due to the location of the defendants.

    The Phanatic has had the most litigious history, having two lawsuits filed against him in the past decade and three in the decade before that.