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Neighborhood "Crack House" Put to Rest



    Neighborhood "Crack House" Put to Rest

    Police were called to the scene of what they're calling a "nuisance house" in Upper Darby Township full of drugs, filth and paraphernalia. 

    The house on the 200 block of Westpark Lane in Clifton Heights was raided by police Friday after police received several calls from neighbors about needles and empty drug baggies on the sidewalk near the house, according to the Delaware County Daily Times.

    “This is clearly a quality of life issue in the middle of a nice family residential neighborhood,” police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told the Delco Times. “This is one of those neighborhood nuisance crack houses."

    The Times reports that police confiscated containers of suspected marijuana and cocaine, pills, and metal pipes that may have been used to consume drugs.

    Edward Malm, 44, and Anthony Caserta, 33, who were living in the house, were arrested on drug violations.

    Chitwood told the Daily Times that Malm was found in the living room and Caserta was in the dark basement.

    He says that more than a hundred people gathered around the house and cheered when the men were arrested. Some residents even came up to the officers to personally thank them for “giving them their street back."

    The Police Superintendent also told the Times that there was an illegal apartment being rented out in the basement.

    Both the drugs and the illegal living quarters caused the health department to declare the house unfit for human habitation.

    Both men are facing charges in relation to drugs and the home. They're being held on $40,000 bail.