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Mother's Ashes Tossed by Burglars

Thieves ransacked a Pennsylvania man's home and desecrated the urn that held his mother's ashes.



    Mother's Ashes Tossed by Burglars
    Family Photos / WPXI-TV

    Police are searching for three armed men who were caught on home video burglarizing a Pennsylvania man's home  -- and throwing the urn containing his mother's ashes during the crime.

    "That's what makes me mad the most, is that they disrespected my mother's ashes," the victim told WPXI-TV reporter Tamika Artist.

    WPXI-TV isn't identifying the victim of Monday's burglary, which happened in McKeesport in Allegheny County.

    The burglars didn't take the urn, but they did steal two video game systems, a laptop computer, iPad, television and a safe.

    The victim says he doesn't understand why the burglars would mess with the urn. His mother died of cancer last year.

     "That was uncalled for. You can have anything in the house, just don't touch that."

    The victim's home surveillance video shows the burglars ransacking his home for about 30 minutes.