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Philadelphia Voter Turnout Wasn't High. It Was Worse in the Suburbs

The four surrounding counties in southeastern Pennsylvania saw lower turnout rates than Philadelphia — in an off-off-year primary election.



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    Philadelphia voters at least had a mayor's race — sort of — and ballot questions that all registered voters, and not just Democrats or Republicans, could answer on ballots Tuesday.

    In the suburban counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery, however, there was little electorally to get excited about.

    Philadelphians, thus, beat out their suburban neighbors in the competition of participatory democracy.

    Here's a breakdown of turnout by county (Click on the links to see data provided by the respective county boards of elections):

    1. Philadelphia: 22.62%

    2. Montgomery: 21.19%

    3. Delaware: 19.96%

    4. Chester: 19.6%

    5. Bucks: 15%

    ***These figures represent preliminary vote counts. Finalized counts will be calculated over the next couple weeks.***

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