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Exposing the Pedophile Playbook

Police want you to protect your family from a virtual child molester how-to guide



    Investigation: Exposing the Pedophile Playbook

    Learn how to protect your children from pedophiles and their playbooks. (Published Wednesday, May 26, 2010)

    The NBC10 Investigators team up with state and federal law enforcement to help you turn the tables on pedophiles. We are exposing the secrets of child sex abusers.

    We have uncovered a "Pedophile Playbook" and it's available online. That's right, a how-to guide that's dedicated to teaching adults how to get close to and sexually abuse your children.

    Police are aware of this book and want to make sure you are too. The more information you know, the more power you have to protect your child.

    Child advocacy groups say child molesters will hurt an average of 117 victims.

    The book itself is protected by free speech and the anonymity of the Internet. Investigators say it can't be taken down because no crime has been committed.

    Watch the story above for tips and use the links below to learn how to protect your children.