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93-Year-Old Woman: "I Fought Like Hell"

EXCLUSIVE: Woman speaks out after being beaten and robbed inside a posh Center City apartment building



    Exclusive: Woman Speaks Out About Elevator Attack

    A 93-year-old woman who was beaten and robbed inside her Center City apartment building. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2010)

    An elderly woman beat up and robbed inside a swanky Center City apartment building is speaking out about the ordeal.

    In an exclusive interview with NBCPhiladelphia, the 93-year-old woman recounts how she fought the attacker -- who was twice her size.

    The woman had just boarded an elevator inside 1500 Locust Street last Monday when she was cornered and robbed by one of two attackers, police say. The other man was left in the lobby to distract the security guard.

    "And at this point, he's clutching at my back to get my wallet and I fought like hell," she said.

    After stealing the woman's wallet from inside her purse, the man threw her out of the elevator and onto the floor.

    "He opens the door, kicks me, throws me out so I Iand on my backside spread eagle on the floor and he takes off," she said.

    The woman suffered a broken wrist and several bruises all for $6 and a couple of credit cards. But it's not the stolen money that bothers the woman, rather the fact that inside her wallet was a favorite picture of her late husband.

    "I told [the attacker] 'Your mother should be proud of you. You raised a 6-foot son who beats up old ladies,'" she said.

    In an exclusive interview with NBC Philadelphia, the woman recounts how she fought the attacker -- who was twice her size.

    Investigators say the woman's attack is the fourth and most violent in a series that stretches back to mid-July. All have occurred on a Monday and almost exclusively in the mid-morning.

    They are hoping surveillance pictures of the men, who are always well dressed, shed some light on their identities.