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Del. Doc Stands Trial for Sexual Abuse

Dr. Earl Bradley on trial for over 100 charges, waives right to trial by jury



    Del. Doc Stands Trial for Sexual Abuse
    In this photo released Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2009 by the Delaware State Police, Dr. Earl Bradley is shown. Bradley, a Delaware pediatrician accused of molesting at least 16 patients is due in court. Bradley, of Lewes, Delaware, faces 29 charges, including rape. He was charged with sexually abusing nine girls and is being held on $2.9 million bond. (AP Photo/Delaware State Police)

    Although some details in this case remain sketchy, one thing is for certain; Earl Bradley’s pediatric clientele list will be extremely depleted at the conclusion of this trial.

    His fate lies in the hands of a Delaware judge, as he waived his right to trial by jury. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. 

    In December 2009, Bradley was arrested and charged with over 100 counts of criminal misconduct, including 33 felonies relating to his 7 alleged victims. The felony charges he faces include rape and the sexual exploitation of children. Bradley allegedly videotaped his sexual deviancy while the parents of the children waited outside.

    Bradley is also accused of coercing the children into performing sexual acts on him, with victims ranging from 6 months to several years old.

    Bradley’s crimes allegedly occurred between August and December of 2009. State attorneys believe that this is an open and shut case, as they claim to have very incriminating evidence, including video that Bradley allegedly shot himself.

    Bradley was being held on a 2.9 million dollar bond at Vaughn Correctional Center in Delaware.