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Boa Constrictor Remains Missing 10 Days Later



    Boa Constrictor Remains Missing 10 Days Later
    Linda Spiegel

    It's been ten days since "Snakie" was reported missing from a Delaware County veterinarian's office.

    "We're always worried about him," said Linda Spiegel, who says they are just as worried about Snakie's whereabouts today as they were when he first disappeared.

    The 7-foot-long boa constrictor was last seen in the backyard of Dr. David Spiegel's veterinary practice on 400 Yale Avenue in Swarthmore.

    "When its summertime, we give him the privilege of being outside among nature," said Dr. Spiegel.

    Dr. Spiegel says "Snakie" was outside in the bushes and when he came back to check on him about 30 minutes later, he was gone.

    "Snakes are amazing escape and amazing hiding animals," said Kevin Murphy, general curator at the Philadelphia Zoo. He says boa constrictors are not aggressive, but they do have the potential to be defensive.

    "If it's hiding in a hole, behind something or underneath something, and someone goes to disturb it or try and grab it, it certainly could bite," said Murphy.

    "Snakie" eats about once a month, according to Dr. Spiegel, who fed the boa constrictor about 10 days before it went missing.

    But being out in the wild over the past week and a half, it may have found its own food. "If a mouse, frog or a mole came in front of him, I think he would take care of it," said Spiegel.

    Swarthmore Police are urging people to be on alert and call 911 if they spot the 7-foot-long snake.

    "We miss him, we don't want to see any harm come to him," said Spiegel, who adds that "Snakie" has been a member of their family for 18 years.


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