90 Seniors Forced Out of Northampton Assisted Living Home After Pipe Burst

Dozens of senior citizens were forced out of their assisted living facility on a cold Saturday evening after a pipe burst.

Firefighters were called to the Sacred Heart Senior Living facility on E. 21st Street in Northampton, Pennsylvania, around 3 p.m. A pipe in the ceiling of the building's third floor, the top floor, broke open causing water to flood the facility. Parts of the ceiling also came down, officials said.

Ninety seniors living at the home were loaded onto buses and taken to a community center nearby. They'll spend at least the night at the center while officials assess the damage and necessary repairs.

“There’s pretty decent damage. The ceiling tiles were collapsing and everything," Northampton Fire Dept. Chief Keith Knoblauch said.

Gale Yastrop, the facility's executive director, said the residents will either stay with relatives or be taken to a sister facility until repairs were finished.

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