6-Year-Old Boy From Philly Drowns in Wildwood Resort Pool


A boy from Philadelphia drowned Friday evening at a Wildwood resort, police said.

Police and the fire department were called to the scene just before 6:30 p.m. and found multiple people trying to revive the 6-year-old with CPR. The first responders took over resuscitation efforts and the boy was rushed to Cape Regional Medical Center.

Neither the first responders nor the hospital staff could revive the boy, Police Chief Robert Regalbuto and Fire Chief Ernie Troiano III said in a news release.

"We strongly encourage everyone, whenever you're swimming, swim near a lifeguard, especially when on our beaches," they said. "At commercial or residential properties which are not required to be guarded, please be extra cautious. Adults should be vigilant in monitoring young children and persons known to be poor swimmers."

They also encouraged the use of a life vest or other flotation device.

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