2 Employees of ‘Ghoulish' Abortion Clinic Plead Guilty to Murder

Andrea Moton admitted to killing a living baby and Sherry West admitted to murder charges in the overdose death of an abortion clinic patient

Two employees of the abortion doctor who allegedly killed a patient and snapped the necks of living babies pleaded guilty to third-degree murder Thursday.

Andrea Moton, of Upper Darby, admitted her guilt in the death of one baby.

According to the Grand Jury testimony by one of her co-workers, Moton killed the living and moving baby by cutting its spinal cord.

The Grand Jury report states that a woman had delivered a large baby into a toilet at Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s horrific West Philly abortion clinic.

The co-worker testified to the Grand Jury that the baby in the toilet “was moving and looked like it was swimming. Moton reached into the toilet, got the baby out and cut its neck. [The co-worker] said the baby was between 10 and 15 inches long and had a head the size of a ‘big pancake.’”

The second Gosnell employee who made a plea agreement in court Thursday was Sherry West of Newark, Del.

West pleaded guilty in the February 2009 death of Karnamaya Mongar, a Bhutanese immigrant who came to Gosnell’s house of horrors for an abortion.

According to the Grand Jury report, West, like all the other workers at the clinic, worked at the clinic without a medical license or training. She routinely administer anesthesia without proper supervision or appropriate monitoring of patients, the report states. West had been a long-time patient of Gosnell’s.

Moton and West are two of 10 people charged earlier this year after a grand jury investigation found horrifying conditions at the clinic run by the 70-year-old Gosnell.

Authorities say the West Philly abortion doctor’s regular method of getting rid of late-term, unwanted pregnancies was to induce labor and snap the spinal cord of a newly-born, writhing baby with a pair of scissors.

Prosecutors also say that the untrained workers also performed illegal abortions, provided anesthesia and other medical services.

In addition to the alleged murders, Gosnell maimed countless women by perforating their uteruses and cervixes and spreading venereal diseases with filthy instruments, according to the grand jury report.

Perhaps more disturbing than an alleged sociopathic doctor who told his staff that babies’ movements after birth were “reflexes,” and that shoving scissors in the back of the neck of a breathing child was “standard procedure,” is the fact that the staff accepted Gosnell’s practices and allegedly followed suit.

Moton and West each pleaded guilty to related charges, including taking part in a corrupt organization.

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