2 Escape Fiery Plane Crash

Two men walked away from a plane crash that resembled a “fireball” early Friday morning at the Teterboro Airport.

A small prop plane from Reading, Pa. crashed 4:30 a.m. while attempting to land. The two people in the twin-engine Beechcraft crashed just short of the runway.

Both men were conscious and speaking after crawling from the burning wreckage, said police.

"I saw the wreckage and they both said, 'We were in the plane,' so I was a little taken aback," Little Ferry police officer Adam Warne. "How'd you walk away from this?"

"Once we got closer, we thought it was a building or a car that was on fire," said one witness who saw the "explosion." "We got closer, we saw propellers and we noticed that it was a plane crash," he said.

This is the second time in a month the New Jersey airport is in the news. Teterboro Airport is from where the small plane that collided with a helicopter over the Hudson River this month had taken off.

The two men flying the plane, which was carrying blood specimens for Qwest Diagnostics, were brought to St. Barnabas Medical Center and Hackensack Medical Center with burns.

No one on the ground was hurt and the FAA is on the scene investigating.

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