10,000 Volunteers Help DNC Visitors in Philadelphia

Democrats from around the nation traveled to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention, many who have never been to the City of Brotherly Love. To help visitors navigate the streets, the official welcoming committee was eager to bring in many local, friendly faces.

Roughly 10,000 volunteers have spread throughout the city for the Democratic National Convention. They help visitors and delegates navigate the city as well as help get them checked in and to caucus meetings on time.

Volunteers are also set up around the central hub: The Wells Fargo Center. These volunteers help people get to where they need to be as well as answer any questions.

DNC "ASK ME" volunteer Caryl Carpenter of Lansdowne originally hoped to be a delegate, but was not chosen in the process. For her, volunteering is a way to get involved with everything going on, while helping people out along the way.

"They said a requirement for this job was you have to enjoy talking to people," Carpenter said as she helped visitors Wednesday inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center. "So, sour people are some place else."

A retired college professor, Carpenter had no interest in working outside the center.

"Once you passed the background check, you were free to choose what positions you would be interested in helping with. Here, I get to talk to a lot of people from all over," explains Carpenter, who was happy to meet some people from her previous home town.

Another volunteer, Gabby Suissa, signed up to help out at the Democratic National Convention on her summer break from Columbia University. For the past three days, she has been helping people both inside and outside.

Brian X. McCrone
Gabby Suissa, 19, of Northeast Philadelphia, volunteered for the Democratic National Convention three days. The Columbia University student wore one of the well-seen "ASK ME" tee shirts outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center from Monday through Wednesday.

"I helped with registration the first day… Today, I’m out here," said Suissa, pointing someone in the direction of the visitor entrance as she stood on the street corner outside the Convention Center.

The volunteers were put into action by the official welcoming committee for the DNC. Thanks to the volunteer’s efforts, the thousands of visitors are sure to have a smooth time in the city.

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