Delaware County School on High Alert After Boy Dies From the Flu

Matthew Wzorek, a 2nd grade student at Worrall Elementary School in Broomall, Pennsylvania, died Sunday night from complications from the flu

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A Delaware County school is on high alert after a young boy died from the flu.

The Marple Newtown School District confirmed Monday that Matthew Wzorek, a 2nd grade student at Worrall Elementary School in Broomall, Pennsylvania, died Sunday night from complications surrounding influenza B.

“Matthew was known to have a happy smile and kind heart in class. He loved being with his friends and was always willing to offer assistances to his teachers and peers,” Marple Newtown superintendent Dr. Tina Kane wrote in a letter to parents. “To say that he will be missed is an enormous understatement.”

A team of counselors will be at the school Tuesday morning to provide support for students and the community.

"Oh my God this is so sad," Brett Barbo, Matthew's classmate and friend told NBC10. "He's not going to be here anymore and I just went up to my room and I was just like crying in my bed because I really miss him."

A Delaware County elementary school is on high-alert after a 7-year-old student died from the flu. NBC10's Deanna Durante has the details.

Monday night, Dr. Kane sent another letter to parents warning them that other students and staff members at Worrall may have been exposed to the flu.

"In all likelihood, all of the students in this 2nd grade classroom have been exposed to the Influenza B virus," Dr. Kane wrote. "Furthermore, it is probable that other students or staff members in Worrall have been exposed to the virus. Quite frankly, since the virus is airborne, the entire district should be on high alert for signs and symptoms of the flu."

Dr. Kane also said a teacher at Worrall has influenza B and is being treated with Tamiflu. The teacher will be out of school throughout the week.

"The Infectious Disease Doctors have advised that Tamiflu is effective within the first 48 hours following the manifestation of symptoms," Dr. Kane wrote. "In this connection, medical professionals advise that any students, staff, or anyone, with cold or flu like symptoms such as redness of the eyes, fever, coughing, sneezing, chills, body aches, or any respiratory discomfort should seek immediate medical attention and depending on the diagnosis take Tamilfu as prescribed."

A second grader from Worrall Elementary School in Broomall has died from complications of the flu. NBC10 reporter Pamela Osborne reports.

Dr. Kane said any students with flu symptoms will be sent home immediately and advised parents to keep their children home and seek immediate medical attention if they exhibited any signs of illness.

As of Feb. 8, 47 flu associated deaths and 1632 flu associated hospitalizations were reported in Pennsylvania during the current flu season, according to the Department of Health.

Matthew is the first child to die from the flu in Pennsylvania this season.

"The most common complications of flu in kids that cause death are pneumonia and dehydration," Dr. Rob Danoff of Jefferson Health told NBC10. "So those are some of the concerns that we really want to watch out for."

For more details on the flu, including symptoms, prevention and treatment, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

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