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Tweets from the Womb



    Tweets from the Womb
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    Family and friends of unborn fetuses can can follow baby, too.

    Twitter. It's a free service that lets you follow friends, icons, and even random people halfway around the globe. But for family and friends of unborn fetuses... well, you can follow baby, too.

    Corey Menscher designed a DIY tweet device which registers movement in the mother's belly. Whenever the baby kicks inside the womb, the device picks up the motion and sends a tweet: "I kicked Mommy."

    Each tweet the same, each upon a kick. While kind of cool, we think this one falls into the realm of REALLY? Do people really need a kick play-by-play? Would it really sustain interest from daddy and first time grandparents? Not to mention... does mommy really want to wear that thing just so someone can have an up-to-the-minute account of her mundane baby intimacy?

    And if she has bad gas, does that register, too?