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Nutter Announces New Way to Score Recycling Points

Effective immediately, residents can recycle food &beverage cartons -- helping the environment & earning more recycling points at the same time



    Philadelphia has added a new item to it's recycling list, food and beverage cartons are now allowed to be placed in your recycling bin. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011)

    There is a new addition to Philly’s residential curbside recycling program.

    Food and beverage cartons.

    On Wednesday, Mayor Michael Nutter, the Philadelphia Streets Department and the Carton Council announced food and beverage cartons are now recyclable.

    Beginning immediately Philadelphia households can place all empty, clean and dry food and beverage cartons in recycling bins. Common cartons include milk, juice, soup, broth and wine cartons.

    The city is partnering with the Carton Council, a group of carton manufacturers united to deliver long-term collaborative solutions to divert valuable cartons from landfills.

    Currently, the amount of materials Philly diverts from the waste stream stands at nearly 20 percent, reaching more than 25 percent in some of the city’s neighborhoods.

    “Philadelphia is committed to becoming the greenest city in America and our recycling program is a leading component in this effort,” said Nutter. “I am proud to be the mayor of a city with individuals and organizations that are dedicated to creating clean and green neighborhoods.”

    The Mayor says adding cartons to the recycling program will not only help the environment, but also help create more jobs in the region.

    “The more recycling activity that goes on, the more the recycling companies actually have to bring on staff and invest in their plant. All of that activity taking place here in Philadelphia, many of those jobs held by Philadelphians; that investment right here in our city is more work for more people literally just from recycling. So it’s a winner all the way around.”

    Recycling cartons will also help residents earn more Philadelphia Recycling Rewards points.