Philly's Nerd Street Gamers Set to Debut Esports Subscription Service

Nerd Street Gamers will introduce its first subscription service, billed as "Amazon Prime for esports," to expand access to the company’s video game tournaments, reported the Philadelphia Business Journal Thursday.

The new Nerd Street Plus subscription service will offer users tournament entries at two price tiers. The $5-per-month tier gives access to online weekly tournaments with smaller prize pools. The $20-per-month tier gives access to those small tournaments alongside discounts on larger tournament entry fees and camps, several hours of free play at Nerd Street’s Localhost esports arenas, and other “subscriber benefits.”

Weekly tournaments typically cost $5 to enter, making the subscription a deal for those who enter multiple tournaments per month. CEO John Fazio said that while Nerd Street Plus has the potential to derive less revenue from those players, there’s a silver lining to that deal. Those competitors will become more “engrossed” in Nerd Street’s ecosystem and more likely to buy tickets to camps, participate in bigger tournaments and try the company’s other products.

“The goal here has always been to make that entry point and that access point as easy as possible, and then give people a whole infinite world to purchase access to above that,” Fazio said.

Nerd Street did not provide a launch date for the service, saying only that it will be available "soon."

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