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Natasha Richardson's Last Will



    Natasha Richardson's Last Will
    Actress Natasha Richardson died on March 18 in a freak ski accident.

    In death, actress Natasha Richardson is giving as she did in life.

    The wife of Liam Neeson and mother of two who died after a tragic skiing accident in March left most of her assets to her heartbroken husband -- and also bequeathed a significant amount of cash to other loved ones, according to the New York Post.

    Richardson, who would have been 46 on May 11, left a chunk of her assets to her half-sister, a New York-based costume designer and a London employee, the paper reported.

    The actress' will was written in 2005, and listed Neeson and a close friend of the couple, actor Aiden Quinn, as executors of the estate, according to the Post.

    Liam and Natasha shared homes on the Upper West Side and in Hudson Valley, New York, where the beloved actress was buried.

    Natasha, who is the daughter of Vanessa Redgrave and Tony Richardson, gave $200,000 to half-sister Katharine Grimond Hess, $50,000 to London employee Josephine Burke, $10,000 to Queens costume designer Kevin Mark Harris and $20,000 to her aunt, the Post reported.

    Richardson was brain dead after suffering serious head trauma during a skiing accident on a beginner slope at a Canadian ski resort in March. Her family transported the actress to a Manhattan hospital where they made the heartbreaking decision to pull her off life support 48 hours after she was first hospitalized.

    She died on March 18.

    Natasha and Liam wed in 1994 after appearing in the film "Nell." They had two sons together, Michael, 13, and Daniel, 12.