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Lady Liberty Beheaded in Ghoulish Video

Vandals take buzzsaw to Statue in horrific vid



    Lady Liberty Beheaded in Ghoulish Video
    It's not funny or scary, it's just stupid.

    A Statue of Liberty replica stolen from outside a coffee shop has resurfaced in chilling video that echoes the horrifying beheadings of journalist Daniel Pearl and others.

    The fiberglass statue disappeared last month from in front of the Vox Pop coffee shop in Brooklyn and reappeared on the Fourth of July in a video posted to YouTube showing its horrible fate.

    In the video, the Statue is seen blindfolded in front of a black drop cloth with a bright light shining overhead and an ominous buzzing noise in the background.

    Lady Liberty is next seen lying on her side, her torch hand missing and a circular saw cutting into her neck. Interspersed with the action, a message flashes on the screen: "WE DON’T WANT YOUR FREEDOM."

    The unseen monster behind the destruction then finishes the job, taking a baseball bat to Liberty's head, smashing it to pieces. The next shot shows an intact Statue of Liberty head being held aloft, indicating that a second statue was defiled by the sick people behind the video.

    Finally the clip ends with the message, "DEATH TO AMERICA."

    Someone sent the video to The New York Daily News on Tuesday and to Vox Pop manager Debi Ryan, accompanied by an email that read, ""Liberty is the holy masquerade of the decapitated, so we decapitated it in the struggle for a truly free unity."
    "I'm scared. I'm hoping I don't have to fear for my life, but I feel very nervous," Debi Ryan told The Daily News.

    Police are investigating the incident, trying to track the origin of the emails.

    For locals, this mystery can't be resolved quickly enough.

    "The people who did this are deranged and need to be taken off the street," Vox Pop Angie Ruckel told The Daily News. "If this isn't hate speech, I don't know what it is. They destroyed an important symbol of freedom with the intent of intimidating us. This is terror."