Yes We Can… Eat Cookies

The Food Network’s Ace of Cakes ushered in a new age of special event desserts. Celebrating the birthday of a board game enthusiast? His cake should resemble a Scrabble set. The anniversary of a couple who met at Ohio State? Perhaps an OSU-branded football dessert.

No longer is a simple chocolate cake with some icing script and sprinkles enough.

Zoe Lukas, who owns Philadelphia’s Whipped Bakeshop, thinks the same philosophy should apply to cookies. Her creative treats, which are often made to order, have resembled everything from Star Wars caricatures to the iconic LOVE statue.

Now, just in time for the inauguration, she’s created a few presidential cookie offerings, using Obama’s “O” logo and popular red and blue portrait as inspiration. Oh, and sprinkles, too.

Lukas’ Obama cookies are available on Etsy. They're perfect for that inauguration party you're thinking of hosting—or to enjoy in the car ride down to D.C. January 20.

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