“Torpedo” is a Fake: Police

A "torpedo" found along the Delaware gave constructions workers a scare early Friday.

Turns out that a “torpedo” found by construction workers along the Delaware River early Friday morning wasn’t a torpedo at all, according to Philadelphia Police.

The bomb squad was called to the Conrail Yard in Port Richmond to X-ray an item thought to be explosive only to discover it was a fake. 

And although the 19-foot fake sure looks authentic, cops confirm that it’s nothing more than a novelty or reproduction you’d see outside of a military base or VFW.

”It was an item that was shaped like a torpedo and could have been fabricated by a person who had some ability with metal works,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan said.

One man claims to have discovered the fake torpedo and says that he dragged it from the Delaware to the site, however, police say that it’s not possible. The “torpedo” weighs about 800-pounds.
Another witness tells NBC Philadelphia that he looked on as three men attempted to drag the fake torpedo out of the grass late Thursday night.

"I seen three guys in a black truck pull up and they had like a boat hitch,” said Junior Rivera.

Police confirm that the fake has already been scrapped and that no charged will be filed, but they would like to talk to whoever left it there.

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