Turkeys Terrorize Jersey Neighborhood

Birds launch attacks nightly on the suburban neighborhood leaving residents prisoners in their homes

A revolt of the feathered kind is going on in Cherry Hill.

A gang of five wild turkeys are invading the area of Brookmead Drive every afternoon sending children and joggers running for the safety of their homes.

"They're really, really fast…like these things are vicious," said one young girl.

The birds are charging at children and pecking at joggers. We caught one of the unprovoked attacks on tape Thursday when the bad birds went after a little boy who was riding his tricycle down the sidewalk. The turkeys then lunged at the boy and his mother as they ran screaming across the street.

"I wanna just be able to go back to a normal life and go out of our house without worrying where a turkey might be," lamented Nancy Giordano.

Township officials know neighbors are fed up with the fowl encounters, but they don't plan to do anything about it, citing the rules of natural habitat.

"[They] do not belong," one angry homeowner said. "They need to find someplace to be with their own kind and enjoy life instead of trying to deal with urban life."

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