Wachovia Center, Spectrum Making Bank

Ka-ching! The take this year is no chump change

In tough times one place in Philly has boomed -- well it’s not really a place but rather a complex.

The Wachovia Complex was ranked fifth worldwide and second in the country for highest-grossing facilities for the first half of 2009, according to sports and entertainment industry publication Venues Today.

The complex, made up of the 21,000-seat Wachovia Center and the soon-to-be-defunct 19,000-seat Wachovia Spectrum, had some things go its way.

With all the nostalgic Spectrum love, the complex hosted more events than normal from big acts like Bruce Springsteen and others.

In total more than half a million people have attended 66 different events at the arenas. Those events raked in more than $27 million -- that's no chump change.

The only place bringing in more bank than the Wac Complex was New York's Madison Square Garden, which grossed more than $34 million in the same six-month period.

Could all this cha-ching mean that the magical seeming-never-ending goodbye to the Spectrum will be extended? It's doubtful -- but who knows maybe it will entice the Comcast-Spectacor people to throw just a couple more events at the legendary arena.

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