Vick's Jersey Sales Flying High Online

Michael Vick felt some love (like a standing O) during his Eagles debut Thursday night and if he wants to feel some more love than he needs to look no further than

Vick’s No. 7 Eagles jersey was the fourth best-selling jersey on the NFL’s official shopping site during the period of April 1 to August 28, according to an exclusive report by CNBC’s Darren Rovell.

The results were surprising considering that Vick’s jersey was only put on sale after the controversial QB signed with the Birds less than three weeks ago and considering Vick’s dogfighting history.

Some fans could likely care less about the QB’s history as they are gobbled up Vick’s jersey.

But the short period that Vick’s jersey was on sale failed to compare to the No. 1 selling jersey -- Brett Favre’s jersey, said CNBC. Favre’s No. 4 Vikings jersey only went on sale after he signed August 18.

For now it seems that the public wants to rock Vick’s Eagles green and that the sales of those jerseys are bringing in some green at

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