Tyson Beckford Loves Chocolate

He's one of the most successful male models of all time -- remember all those Polo Ralph Lauren campaigns? -- but Tyson Beckford is branching out. After roles in films like 'Zoolander' and 'Into The Blue' and appearances on 'Project Runway,' 'America's Next Top Model' and 'Make Me A Supermodel' (as host, no less), the chiseled New York native is taking to the stage in Philly. Beckford opens tonight in the play 'Loving Him Is Killing Me' at the Merriam Theater, playing a psychiatrist friend of a mother-daughter combo both obsessed with the same man. The Feast caught up with Beckford to find out what he craves most, what makes him angry (look out, Donald Trump!), and what's been on his to-do list the longest. Catch the award-wining comedy-drama -- which also stars Angie Stone, Kenny Lattimore, and NeNe Leakes -- Thursday through Sunday for as little as $39.00.

What do you crave most?

Do you know your limits?

What won't you share?

Any specific kind? Do you have a favorite?
Right now I'm into the Cadbury. But I've had German chocolate -- I've had so many different chocolates from around the world, it's hard to say.

What makes you angry?
When they talk bad about my President.

If you were going to win a medal tomorrow, what would it be for?
Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize.

Which great idea should have been yours?
Bottled water.

What's been on your to-do list the longest?
Figure out how to use my Canon camera! That's the biggest thing on my to-do list.

Sin City is The Feast's signature interview series, wherein we get to know the city's characters in a biblical sense, by asking them seven very serious questions.

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