Boutique Busts Out Topless Bikinis

Topless bathing suits are coming to Philly.  And Jack & Jill Boutique will feature the eye-catching suits in their display window (If you have the kiddies along with you while strolling 22nd Street, be prepared for some topless mannequins).

The bottoms-only bikinis are part of a new line from ANJ Swimwear, designed by Jack & Jill owner Anh Nguyen and partner Janice Lim, according to Dan Gross of The Philadelphia Daily News

The designers want Philadelphian women to feel like they’re walking the beaches of Brazil this summer, Gross reported (yeah, good luck with that at the Jersey shore).  

Since you're only buying half of a bathing suit you'll save money, right?  Wrong! Each piece costs between $75 and $200.  You can buy a matching cover-up and bikini top, too if flaunting your stuff isn’t your thing.

So, if that’s the case, can’t you just prance around topless in some bikini bottoms you already own?  Save yourself the cash.

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