Top Cheffer's Guest Dinner at Elements

Last night, Chef Scott Anderson of the Princeton, NJ gastro-temple Elements tweeted that he was excited to announce a July 29 collaboration dinner with Top Chef champ and hometown hero Kevin Sbraga. Before Sbraga announced his namesake restaurant opening last month, he did a series of guest dinners with Philly notables Matt Levin and Chip Roman.

This is a match made in heaven for the food porn set, as Anderson's work is some of the most visually impressive and forward-thinking this side of wd-50, and Sbraga is known for his technical skillset and creative plating, being referred to as the "Salvador Dali of Presentation."

Reservations can be made by calling the restaurant (609-924-0078). Chef Anderson said that he isn't sure if they will shut down the restaurant for the dinner, but it's a possibility depending upon demand.

"Once we start taking reservations, we will see how quickly it fills up, and we'll go from there," said Anderson. "What I do know is that we're looking at seven to nine courses of locally-sourced goods and the promise of really fun stuff."

Anderson said folks can follow the development of the dinner via Twitter, as Sbraga and he have already been going back and forth on ideas for the event.

We can't wait for this one to pop, and you Foodspotters make sure you have your cameras charged and at the ready. [The Feast]

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